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Pariente Law Firm, P.C.

Don't let what happened in Vegas stay on your record.

Pariente Law Firm, P.C.

You may have heard "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." For criminal charges, though, there is nothing more false. If you are one of Clark County's 2 million residents, this is where you live and work. If you are one of the 40 million people who pass through Las Vegas every year, even a minor criminal charge can follow you home through background checks, driver's license suspension, extradition and more.

If you are charged with a crime in Las Vegas, it's important that you exercise your right to an attorney of your choice. Your lawyer can fight for you against the charges and seek the best possible results. It's also important that you pick an aggressive attorney with the right experience to understand the courts and the opposition, develop the strongest strategy for your specific case and give it the personal attention it deserves

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